About Autoworld

Autoworld has 10 branches in Zambia, since it started in 1992. It caters to the needs of any vehicle or boat and has an extensive range of quality guaranteed products and services.

Each of the Autoworld outlets has a fitment centre, together with the latest state of the art electronic equipment. Services offered include motor vehicle servicing, car audio system and electronic security installations, and professional wheel balancing and alignment. Autoworld is also a marine specialist, stocking a broad range of marine boats, engines, equipment and marine spare parts. Other ranges include lifestyle products, alongside tools and equipment.

Autoworld was founded by the company Chairman, Noble Findlay along with the help of three other Directors; Noble’s wife, Cossie Findlay, and their two sons, Glenn and Christopher Findlay. Two other people who have been influential in the establishment of the company are Noble Findlay’s two nephews David and Pierre Findlay.

The company is managed by the Directors and a management team that includes a Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Accountants, Internal Auditor, Purchasing Manager, IT Specialist, General Manager, Marketing Executive, Store Controllers, Warehouse Managers, Human Resource Manager and Branch Managers. The total number of employees in 2017 was approximately 250.

Autoworld opened its first branch in 1992. Between 1992 and 2002 Autoworld opened three more branches. The largest Autoworld branch opened in 2006 on the Kafue Road next to the Downtown Shopping Centre in Lusaka. This branch consists of the main boat showroom, fitment centre, retail outlet, warehouse and ample parking. In 2009 Autoworld established a sister company, Woodlands Shopping Mall. The team took the opportunity to build a shopping centre in the well established residential area of Woodlands in Lusaka. The Autoworld branch within the centre offers late night shopping (till 21:00 hours) and Sunday Fitment Centre opening hours. The tenth Autoworld store opened in 2012 in Kapiri.

Autoworld Zambia was founded by Noble Findlay in 1992. Twenty years + and 10 branches later, Noble Findlay is the company Chairman.

Autoworld Zambia was founded by Noble Findlay in 1992. Twenty years + and 10 branches later, Noble Findlay is the company Chairman.

Autoworld continues to strive to be an innovative business offering top quality products and services that are efficient and reliable. The team listens to customer feedback and aims for continuous improvement so that it remains a leader in its industry.

Autoworld team

Autoworld is a proud supporter of local and international rallies in Zambia.

Autoworld supports motor sport events through cash donations for the local and international rallies. The Zambia Motor Sport Association (ZMSA) is affiliated with the Federation Internationale de l’automobile (FIA) and the Federation of Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). It is the only association that handles both cycles and automobiles under one umbrella. It is a well organised association which Autoworld is proud to be associated with.