All Engen lubricants discounted

We can’t stress enough the importance of using quality vehicle oils, making sure they are topped up and changed regularly.

To encourage Zambian motorists to keep their vehicles in good shape, Autoworld is offering a full 15% off all Engen lubricants. This discount is only available while stocks last, for one week only - from Thursday November 1st 2018. Don’t miss out!

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Autoworld and the 2018 Labour Day celebrations

Labour Day 1.jpg

1st May is Labour Day, which is renowned internationally. In Zambia our theme for this year was ‘Building Partnerships for Sustainable National Development Through Job Creation and Social Justice’. With jobs having become so scarce, especially for the youth, this theme was very timely.
The Guest of honour was H.E. President Edgar Lungu who took the salute from the enthusiastic marching workers.

Autoworld had two employees awarded prizes - Ms Ruth Sakala , from Head Office, for honesty;  and Mr Isilimwe Mulambwa of Ndola branch, also for honesty. In addition, Autoworld won a trophy for coming second in the Float Category for the display on the Autoworld speed boat. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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Employment Opportunity


Job Title: Workshop/Technical Manager

Key Responsibilities

  • To lead and manage the service team to ensure effective and efficient operation in the service of vehicles to manufacturers and company standards

  • Ensure that the workshop is maintained to required standards and compliance with the company’s safety requirements

  • Service and maintain all Company workshop equipment. This includes electronic wheel aligners, wheel balancers, vehicle lifting equipment.

  • Ensure that preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis

  • Deal professionally with clients in the course of carrying out these duties

Qualifications and Experience

  • Candidate must have a Diploma in Automotive Technology/Motor Vehicle Engineering Technician

  • Must have technical experience in Automotive Diagnostics

  • Must be computer literate and conversant with Microsoft packages such as Word and Excel.

  • Should have a minimum of 5 years working experience at Senior supervisory level

Contact Details

Candidates who meet the above minimum requirements can submit their application letters together with a detailed CV, academic and professional qualifications to:

The Human Resources Manager
Autoworld Zambia Limited
Freedom Way
P O Box 31407

Or email:

Closing date for receiving applications is 31st May 2018


Truck and Bus Tyres offer - on all Triangle and Doublestar tyres

Calling all truckers and bus companies in Zambia. A massive 20% off all Triangle and Doublestar tyres while stocks last.

Three reasons why you should replace worn out tyres:

  • Tyre treads provide the traction necessary to grip wet or oily roads
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres cool, reducing the risk of blowouts
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres inflated. Low pressure tyres can’t grip the road as well, making it harder to steer the vehicle, harder to brake, and increasing fuel costs.

What better time than now to replace fleet vehicle tyres - with this amazing 20% discount offer from Autoworld!

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Tyre offer - on all Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli tyres

Calling all motorists in Zambia. A study was carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US. They found that over 26% of the crashes studied involved vehicles with insufficient tread i.e. with worn out tyres*. 

Here are more reasons why you should replace worn out tyres:

  • Tyre treads provide the traction necessary to grip wet or oily roads
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres cool, This helps to prevent blowouts, when you can loose control of the car, especially if you're speeding
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres at the right pressure. Under-inflated tyres can’t grip the road properly even in dry conditions, making it harder to steer your vehicle and harder to brake,  and reducing fuel mileage (increasing your fuel costs).

What better time than now to replace your tyres - with an amazing 15% discount offer from Autoworld!

*Tire-Related Factors in the Pre-Crash Phase


Autoworld celebrates Women's Day, by Annie Zulu

  Team Autoworld on the road on 8th March 2018, International Women's Day

Team Autoworld on the road on 8th March 2018, International Women's Day

Womens Day comes around so fast! On this special day, 8th March each year, Zambia celebrates women’s achievements and seeks to inspire young women to come forward and exercise their choice freely. The whole day is dedicated to empowering women. The theme for the 2018 Womens Day in Zambia was ‘Transforming Women’s Lives‘.


In 1975 the United Nations declared 8th March as the official date for International Womens Day. Over 30 countries including Zambia have marked that date on their annual calendar as a public holiday. In support of gender parity goals, in 2015 the Zambian government passed the Gender Equity and Equality Bill which established the Gender Equity and Equality Commision. The purpose of that body is to promote gender equity, gender equality and integration of both sexes in society, and work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

Autoworld’s gender equity achievements

Autoworld has not been left behind. We are proud to have on our team Annabel Zulu (HR Manager),  Rupa Parikh (Internal Auditor), Phenny Kosamu (Auto Technician at Woodlands Branch), and Faides Phiri (Auto Electrics Supervisor at Downtown Branch), amongst many other valued female employees.

  A happy time for all, recorded on our phones :)  

A happy time for all, recorded on our phones :) 

Team Autoworld celebrates Womens Day 2018

The temperatures that morning was extremely high, such that some ladies had to use their umbrellas to protect themselves from the heat.  We had three gentlemen who kindly agreed to support the women. You can see them proudly holding the banner as we marched through the streets of Lusaka. (We definitely need to work together to move forward in development and transform the world to a better place.)

Glenn Findlay, Autoworld Director, together with his daughter Maya, took some time to come and support the ladies that morning and we took some pictures with them (see below).

  Our director, Mr Glenn Findlay, and his daughter Maya, supported us with their presence

Our director, Mr Glenn Findlay, and his daughter Maya, supported us with their presence

The ladies thank the Autoworld management most profoundly once again this year, for helping them to participate in the International Women’s Day celebrations.

15% off Ecogen and Yamabisi generators


Great reductions on generators this March! 15% discount on all Ecogen and Yamabisi models.

A good time to replace your old back-up generator or improve your out-of-town experience.

And this month's offer is for two whole weeks - 5th March through 19th March 2018!

Available at all participating Autoworld branches and impala Service Station while stocks last.

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Autoworld’s wheel balancing and aligning news

  The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer


Announcing an exclusive automated wheel balancing service! Autoworld is now the proud owner of a John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer at its Impala Service Station.


Autoworld’s new John Bean B800P wheel balancer at Impala Service Station offers automatic data entry and rim profiling.

This sophisticated device is ideal for balancing the wheels of sports cars and any other vehicle that require precision balancing. 

More information on the B800P Wheel Balancer:-

Faster training, quicker tyre changes
The B800P speeds up the training of new technicians and reduces the time it takes to change a tyre and balance the wheels. The touchscreen interface makes it easy for technicians to check the results. And when the operator touches the imbalance amount, the wheel automatically turns to the correct position for weight placement!

Touchscreen User Interface
This convenient device has commonly used modes such as spoke detection, match mount and manual mode. Measurement results and weight position indicators are clearly visible.

Automatic Balancer Measurement
It takes about 8 seconds for the B800P to identify the optimal location of any imbalance and identify the best location for the clip-on weight.

Patented Automatic Power Clamp
The wheel is electro-mechanically clamped for increased accuracy.

A laser beam pinpoints the positioning of weights in the lower rim position (the B800P's exclusive easyWEIGHT facility).

Other wheel and tyre news from Autoworld:

  • John Bean B340P wheel balancers are now installed in all other Autoworld branches in Lusaka.

  • For wheel alignment, Autoworld uses a 3D car wheel aligner that also comes from market leaders John Bean. This is the Visualiner 3D Lite Lift.

  • Whenever you buy tyres from any Autworld outlet, you’ll get free fitting and a free wheel balancing service (on a John Bean B340P wheel balancer).

  • Nitrogen air is available for pumping into your tyres (at Impala Service Station only). By inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen, they will remain at their proper operating pressure much longer.

  • For auto repair shops, Autoworld sells John Bean B100 model wheel balancers, as well as John Bean Visualiner 3D Lite Lift wheel aligners.

Autoworld January 2018 offer

Autoworld January 2018 offer.jpg


Our first offer of 2018 is on the full range of GUD filters. GUD, South Africa's premium automotive filter brand, is renowned for its commitment to quality, service and product innovation. In short 'GUD' = 'good'!

Take advantage of this generous 15% discount. Give your car a great start to the new year by changing the oil, air and fuel filters.

This offer is available at all participating Autoworld branches and Impala Service Station while stocks last - for just one week from Jan 4th to Jan 11th 2018.

Incredible 2017 Christmas special

As a Christmas gift to you, our esteemed customers, we're offering a 15% discount on all parts, tyres and batteries! Yes you read it right. A 15% discount on ALL parts, tyres and batteries.

And it's not for just a week. Because it's the season of goodwill, we're stretching this offer to a full two weeks - from Dec 7th to Dec 21st 2017.

Unbelievable but true :) Something to share with friends  ...


Battery terminals - what's the big deal?


Battery terminals are part of your car’s charging system. The power from the battery flows through the terminals on its way to the starter and alternator.

Any electrical system is as good as its weakest link. Without a smooth strong terminal contact connecting the battery to the charging cables, the car won’t start well, or maybe not at all. In addition poor performing terminals will prevent the battery from getting recharged by the running engine.

Signs that you may need new battery terminals include:

  • The car starts slowly or not at all
  • Green or white corrosion on the terminals
  • Terminal ends look damaged
  • The battery light is on

It’s easier and less expensive to replace the terminals and have the terminal posts cleaned than it is to buy a new battery. In addition, if terminals are not replaced on time, other serious problems may come up such as blown fuses and even possibly fire.

If terminals are not replaced on time, other serious problems may come up such as blown fuses and even possibly fire.

Once you get new terminals, do make sure they are cleaned regularly. This will extend battery life while preventing the inconvenience of getting stranded unexpectedly because of a dead car battery.

The big deal is that Autoworld currently has a fantastic offer on battery terminals - buy a new Raylite, Hifase or Willard battery and get a free set of brass battery terminals. This will not only ensure your car is safe, but also that your new battery has a good connection to give you better performance!

Happy motoring :) 

15% off GUD filters

The rains will be on us shortly. If your company has a fleet of vehicles, make sure engines are fully protected from potential contaminants - like water - by replacing the filters. Now is the time ... because this month there's a massive 15% off all GUD filters!! Offer runs from Thursday Nov 2nd to Wed Nov 8th.

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Autoworld and the Elephant Charge 2017

  Autoworld’s vehicle ‘in camp’

Autoworld’s vehicle ‘in camp’

David Findlay, our own intrepid off-road enthusiast, is a key member of the Autoworld Elephant Charge team each year. Here he gives his reflections on this year’s Charge: 

The 2017 Elephant Charge took place last weekend Oct 13th-15th. The charge was in a beautiful location along the Lutente River. The Autoworld team did well with fund raising and came out second place with USD17,000! The winning team Khal Amazi raised over USD22,500. In total over USD111,000 was raised which is a great big pat on the back to all the teams!
Unfortunately we gave the car another beating with the rough terrain and the radiator gave in with just two more checkpoints to go! That was game over for us! However on a positive note we won first place in the Gauntlet (for the third time). This is recognised as the most technical challenge of the whole course.

Many thanks to all our sponsors for their great support:
· GUD Filters
· Willard batteries
· Tracks 4 Africa
· Raylite batteries
· Pratley
· Spanjaard
· Safeline brake pads
· Autoworld
We are now back to the drawing board and looking at a new strategy for 2018!

A bit of history

Team Autoworld has entered seven Elephant Charges since 2010, completing the course four times and raising $128,343 for conservation in Zambia.

The team's best leg was the Elephant Charge 2011 when they charged from Tyre King to Verino in 3.18km, 270m or 1.09 times over the straight line distance of 2.91km. They were 1st place out of 17 teams on this leg.

Autoworld have won several trophies over the years:
The Country Choice Trophy for shortest net distance 3 times (2012, 2014, 2015)
The Sausage Tree Trophy for the most money raised for conservation 2 times (2012, 2015)
The Castle Fleming Trophy for the shortest overall distance (2014)
The Bowden Trophy for the shortest distance on the gauntlet 2 times (2014, 2016)
The Sanctuary Trophy for the shortest distance on tsetse line 1 (2016)

More details on the 2017 Elephant Charge

28 entries raised $111,138 for conservation in Zambia. The Spirit of the Charge was won by The Bushpigs for their selfless conduct during and after the charge; the Properly Shafted award was won by Khal Amazi; and the award for the best checkpoint was given to Gospel Central. See the Elephant Charge website for full details.

Last but not least, ZNBC has made a great documentary of this year’s event. Watch out for it on the air over the next few days and weeks.

   Stunning waterfall along the Elephant Charge route

Stunning waterfall along the Elephant Charge route

   Camp Autoworld at the 2017 Elephant Charge

Camp Autoworld at the 2017 Elephant Charge

   ’Straight Forward’ is the motto!

’Straight Forward’ is the motto!