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15% off Ecogen and Yamabisi generators


Great reductions on generators this March! 15% discount on all Ecogen and Yamabisi models.

A good time to replace your old back-up generator or improve your out-of-town experience.

And this month's offer is for two whole weeks - 5th March through 19th March 2018!

Available at all participating Autoworld branches and impala Service Station while stocks last.

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Autoworld’s wheel balancing and aligning news

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer


Announcing an exclusive automated wheel balancing service! Autoworld is now the proud owner of a John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer at its Impala Service Station.


Autoworld’s new John Bean B800P wheel balancer at Impala Service Station offers automatic data entry and rim profiling.

This sophisticated device is ideal for balancing the wheels of sports cars and any other vehicle that require precision balancing. 

More information on the B800P Wheel Balancer:-

Faster training, quicker tyre changes
The B800P speeds up the training of new technicians and reduces the time it takes to change a tyre and balance the wheels. The touchscreen interface makes it easy for technicians to check the results. And when the operator touches the imbalance amount, the wheel automatically turns to the correct position for weight placement!

Touchscreen User Interface
This convenient device has commonly used modes such as spoke detection, match mount and manual mode. Measurement results and weight position indicators are clearly visible.

Automatic Balancer Measurement
It takes about 8 seconds for the B800P to identify the optimal location of any imbalance and identify the best location for the clip-on weight.

Patented Automatic Power Clamp
The wheel is electro-mechanically clamped for increased accuracy.

A laser beam pinpoints the positioning of weights in the lower rim position (the B800P's exclusive easyWEIGHT facility).

Other wheel and tyre news from Autoworld:

  • John Bean B340P wheel balancers are now installed in all other Autoworld branches in Lusaka.

  • For wheel alignment, Autoworld uses a 3D car wheel aligner that also comes from market leaders John Bean. This is the Visualiner 3D Lite Lift.

  • Whenever you buy tyres from any Autworld outlet, you’ll get free fitting and a free wheel balancing service (on a John Bean B340P wheel balancer).

  • Nitrogen air is available for pumping into your tyres (at Impala Service Station only). By inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen, they will remain at their proper operating pressure much longer.

  • For auto repair shops, Autoworld sells John Bean B100 model wheel balancers, as well as John Bean Visualiner 3D Lite Lift wheel aligners.

TJM tubeless repair kit & mini compressors - Avoid the flat tyre nightmare


Get yourself equipped, so you can stay safe and enjoy your journey!

Have you ever been on a long journey and noticed one of your tyres was slightly flat? Have you enjoyed a day at the mall only to find you have a puncture? Your heart may sink further when you realise there are no workshops nearby (especially if you are on a long Zambian road in the middle of nowhere). A flat tyre can be a real pain.

In most cases you will find a puncture is caused by a nail or a foreign object that has engaged itself in the tyre resulting in low pressure. To stay safe and enjoy your trip, we recommend changing your tyres well before the tread gets low. This will help avoid flat tyres altogether. To help you on your way, this month’s 15% off special is on tyres and tubes (from 7th-13th May).

Even with a good tread, a tyre may still sometimes develop a puncture. When this happens, you can ensure you finish your journey safely with the TJM tubeless repair kit and mini compressor which come with an instruction manual and guarantee. Both are small enough to permanently stay in the boot of your vehicle. With the kit you can be equipped for any quick fix regardless of the car you drive.

Nowadays most vehicles run on tubeless tyres. This makes it very easy to repair them without needing to remove the tyre from the vehicle.

How can I tell the difference between a tyre with a tube or one without?

Tyres with tubes have a valve protruding from the tube. Tubeless tyres have a tubeless valve which is fitted to the rim of the tyre. Our workshop and sales staff are happy to help you identify the difference so you can establish if the tubeless repair kit is right for your vehicle.

What does the TJM tubeless kit consist of?

  1. A cord needle tool
  2. A tyre rasp (file)
  3. Replacement needle for the needle tool
  4. An allen key to fix the needle tool when replacing needles
  5. A trim tool (sharp cutter) and tyre lubricant to help make it easy to insert the rasp (file)
  6. 20 x tubeless repair chords (patches)
  7. Robust storage case
  8. Spare valve cores
  9. Valve key and long nose pliers

How much will it cost you? At any Autoworld branch you can get the tubeless repair kit for K330* and the mini compressor at an amazing K1,815*.

7 steps to repairing your tubeless tyre with repair kit and compressor

  1. Use the pliers supplied to remove any obstructions in the damaged area of the tyre.
  2. Clean out the hole using the rasp tool (file). Inserting the rasp tool into the hole a few times will sufficiently clean the hole and make room for finally inserting a patch.
  3.  Apply the lubricant supplied to the shaft of the rasp tool (file). This will assist when the rasp is inserted into the hole created by the removed obstruction.
  4. Thread the repairing cord (patch) through the eye of the needle tool. The lubricant can be applied to the tip of the needle tool to help you easily insert the cord (patch) into the tyre.
  5. Press the needle tool and cord (patch) into the filled out hole in the tyre. Ensure a small amount of the cord (patch) is visible even after it’s inserted into the tyre. Slowly pull out the needle tool by slightly pulling up on the handle. The cord (patch) should remain in the tyre sealing the hole. Do not twist the needle tool in this process.
  6. With the cutter supplied trim any excess cord (patch) protruding from the tyre.
  7. Re-inflate the tyre with your TJM air compressor to the desired pressure. Check the repaired area for any leaks by simply pouring a little bit of water and checking that no bubbles appear.

As a safety measure, consider taking your car to the nearest Autoworld garage once you are able to drive. It's important to have your tyre re-checked by a professional to ensure it is permanently sealed.

Contact any of our Autoworld stores for more information on tyres, tubes, the TJM tubeless repair kits and mini compressors. Visit us or reach us on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t miss out on this month’s 15% discount on tyres and tubes - visit us before 13th May.

Safe driving!

* All prices include 16% VAT

Avoid power cuts with ECOGEN generators — top purchasing, setup and maintenance tips

Ecogen Generators with ATS BOX from Autoworld Zambia How frustrating is it when you are in the middle of watching your favourite football game or soap opera and BANG! Total blackout and powercut! We all dread load shedding.

Have you heard of an ATS unit?

This month's special is 15% off (from 9th - 15th April ) ECOGEN generators that come with an ATS unit (Auto Transfer Switch). This switch will automatically change the power supply from your main supply (ZESCO), to the your backup generator in just a few seconds. So, with a backup ECOGEN generator and ATS unit, you can count to 10 and you’re back to watching your match - you’d have to be having a real bad day to miss a goal in those few seconds!

And, when ZESCO’s main power supply returns, don’t you worry about having to get up - the generator will automatically switch back, saving you from burning that fuel.

*Please note that only certain Ecogen models are compatible with the ATS unit.

How much will it cost you?

ECOGEN generator prices start from K1,565. For the price of K650 the ATS unit is yours and our sales staff will refer you to an electrician who can guide you on how to connect your new generator and ATS unit (for a minimal fee).

Top tips on purchasing and setting up a generator

  1. Know how much power output you need. To estimate this, most electrical appliances indicate how much power is needed to run them. Since this information is key to purchasing the right generator, it is advisable to have an electrician help you with this. If you need help, visit one of our showrooms. We’ll talk you through everything and refer you to an electrician who can help with these services for a minimal charge.

  2. Always choose a generator that has a slightly higher output than your requirements. This will allow your generator to operate at a cooler temperature and never at maximum capacity. If you overwork your generator in this way you will negatively affect its lifespan as a result of overheating. In a few cases regulators and electrical components can burn out.

  3. Ensure your generator is placed on a flat surface. This is important so that oil is levelled and all engine parts are lubricated. This will avoid engine damage.

  4. Ensure your generator is earthed. This will avoid power surges or lightning strikes (have an electrician carry out this work).

Top tips on maintenance

  1. Check oil and water (where applicable) at least once a month and maintain a service history. Every 100 hours of operation, the generator will need an oil change.

  2. Ensure you check your fuel levels regularly. This will help avoid airlocks (on diesel models) and power fluctuations that can destroy electrical appliances. When fuel runs out the engine revs will be irregular. This constant fluctuation affects the output power of the generator, in turn affecting the power being supplied to your electric appliances.

  3. We  offer an extensive range of ECOGEN back up parts. These include all service filters and electrical components that may be required to keep your generator working in good order.

Buy now — 15% off between 9th and 15th of April 2015

We trust this information has been a great help. If you have any more questions just ask via the comments below or reach us on Twitter and Facebook. If you visit our showrooms you’ll be able to view the Ecogen generators and talk to our expert team for further guidance. Don’t miss out on the 15% discount - visit us before 15th April.

April 2015 offer ECOGEN generators