Autoworld specials on KYB and Monroe shocks


Potholes and gravel roads significantly reduce the life of vehicle suspension components, especially shocks, though driving cautiously over bad roads will help. See our previous article on shocks.

Worn out shocks not only adversely effect passenger comfort but also driver control and wear and tear on other components.

Now is definitely the time to sort out your shocks, because this month we have a package of offers on shock absorbers!

1) A big 20% discount off all KYB and Monroe shock absorbers.

2) If you buy a set of 4 shocks, a further 20% discount applies to the fitting charge.

The only catch is that this offer expires 8th May! Make sure you don’t miss out :)

Autoworld’s wheel balancing and aligning news

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer


Announcing an exclusive automated wheel balancing service! Autoworld is now the proud owner of a John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer at its Impala Service Station.


Autoworld’s new John Bean B800P wheel balancer at Impala Service Station offers automatic data entry and rim profiling.

This sophisticated device is ideal for balancing the wheels of sports cars and any other vehicle that require precision balancing. 

More information on the B800P Wheel Balancer:-

Faster training, quicker tyre changes
The B800P speeds up the training of new technicians and reduces the time it takes to change a tyre and balance the wheels. The touchscreen interface makes it easy for technicians to check the results. And when the operator touches the imbalance amount, the wheel automatically turns to the correct position for weight placement!

Touchscreen User Interface
This convenient device has commonly used modes such as spoke detection, match mount and manual mode. Measurement results and weight position indicators are clearly visible.

Automatic Balancer Measurement
It takes about 8 seconds for the B800P to identify the optimal location of any imbalance and identify the best location for the clip-on weight.

Patented Automatic Power Clamp
The wheel is electro-mechanically clamped for increased accuracy.

A laser beam pinpoints the positioning of weights in the lower rim position (the B800P's exclusive easyWEIGHT facility).

Other wheel and tyre news from Autoworld:

  • John Bean B340P wheel balancers are now installed in all other Autoworld branches in Lusaka.

  • For wheel alignment, Autoworld uses a 3D car wheel aligner that also comes from market leaders John Bean. This is the Visualiner 3D Lite Lift.

  • Whenever you buy tyres from any Autworld outlet, you’ll get free fitting and a free wheel balancing service (on a John Bean B340P wheel balancer).

  • Nitrogen air is available for pumping into your tyres (at Impala Service Station only). By inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen, they will remain at their proper operating pressure much longer.

  • For auto repair shops, Autoworld sells John Bean B100 model wheel balancers, as well as John Bean Visualiner 3D Lite Lift wheel aligners.

GUD Salesman of the month competition

GUD salesman-of-the-month competition winners were announced and given their prizes on 3rd November 2016 at the Autoworld headquarters in Lusaka. The overall winner was Chrispin Phiri of Freedom Way Branch who sold an amazing 5,047 GUD products and won himself a Safeline hamper and a Samsung phone.


Engen, customer service and health and safety training provided to Autoworld staff

At Autoworld we recognise the value of regular training. We make an effort to constantly offer our employees the opportunity to improve and increase their knowledge through a variety of learning programmes. Here’s a couple of recent training events organised for Autoworld staff.

Drivers and support staff proudly display their certificates with Autoworld trainer Dr Davis Malembeka

Drivers and support staff proudly display their certificates with Autoworld trainer Dr Davis Malembeka

Engen Lubricants training session

On January 15, 2016 we received a team of experts from Engen Petroleum Zambia to train our salesmen in Engen lubricants. Participants first learned a little background to Engen the company.

With headquarters in South Africa, Engen is present in over 20 countries, and exports its products to over 30 more countries, mostly in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Petronas Lubricants International, is a major Engen shareholder and supplies Engen products to even more countries. Petronas also supplies Syntium products through Engen distributors. Syntium and Engen products are both made to the same high standard using the identical techniques that are tried and tested.

Our salesmen learned that Engen produces two types of lubricants:

  1. Mineral oils - made from ‘crude oil’ that occurs naturally
  2. Synthetic oils - man-made oils carefully engineered in laboratories using hydrocarbon as a raw material.

Synthetic oils are preferred by many engine manufacturers because of their improved fuel economy, wider operating limits and better wear protection.

The Engen trainers explained in depth about particular Engen products such as:

  • Agritrac Super Universal
  • Dieselube 700 Super
  • Xtreme 5W-40
  • Different multigrades

Participants were briefed on the importance of supplying customers with the right specification and quality of lubricant for their particular vehicle and usage. Oils are made to suit a particular engine or gearbox in terms of the year of make of the engine, type of fuel (petrol or diesel), and the required viscosity (depending on temperature). Quality lubricants will extend the life-span of the engine.

You can buy a full range of Engen lubricants at Autoworld branches throughout Zambia.

Training for drivers and support staff

Recently, Autoworld trainer Dr. Davis Malembeka also ran a training session. This was for Autoworld drivers and support staff covering the importance of having a positive professional attitude at all times. It covered important topics like customer service principles as well as health and safety at work. 

As usual, certificates of attendance were issued to all participants - something we all take great pride in.

Continuously Evolving

Today we're excited to introduce you to one of the Directors at Autoworld, Glenn Findlay.  He's sharing with us how for the past 22 years Autoworld has continued to evolve and endeavored to improve the service that we offer our customers.  On that note, meet Glenn...

Director - Glenn-1

For a company that has been in business for the past 22 years, we understand the importance of continuously evolving our business to ensure we meet our customers needs.  Today I'd like to share with you some of the things that we do at Autoworld to ensure that we continuously stay fresh and innovative.

Diversifying our Product Range

The core business of Autoworld has always been products such as Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, General Accessories, Service parts, Lubricants, Body, Suspension & Engine parts. Over the years Autoworld has diversified the range of products sold and this has now grown to a much wider range of products such as Garage Equipment, Generators, Air Compressors, 4x4 Offroad Equipment & Accessories as well as our rapidly growing Marine Division. Our Fitment Centres offer electronic wheel balancing and alignment, as well as engine servicing, suspension replacement, installation of car alarms, audio equipment and a number of general services.

Our Mission at Autoworld is to efficiently serve you our customer with a diverse range of quality products at competitive prices and with a service that keeps you coming back for more. This is something we have been working tirelessly to improve upon. Being in the replacement automotive parts industry does provide many challenges with regard to quality parts. This is the reason we are always looking to source the top brands available and offering the best quality parts on the market.  This applies to all of our product offering.

In House Training

Quality service is an issue that affects us all. We have all had a bad experience somewhere down the line and this can be very frustrating. I personally feel that service levels often tend to be overlooked by other priorities in an organization. Whilst we don’t claim to be perfect, we have over the course of this year introduced in-house training at Autoworld led by Davies Malembeka. Davies is a Business strategist, Leadership consultant and Training solutionist whose passion is to transform followers into leaders and help companies realize their dream.

The training that Davies offers is very diverse and covers a number of issues such as understanding the Company Mission and Core Values. Leadership skills, customer service, team building, work culture, attitude, communication as well as health and safety are all part of the training. This is carried out across the organization and applies to all departments. From the Management team through to the Accounts, Supervisors, Purchasing, Sales personal, Workshop Technicians and Cleaners, everyone is involved. This has proved to be a tremendous success and we have certainly seen a major improvement across all departments.

Product Knowledge Training

The other form of training we have is technical know how and understanding of the products we sell. This is done with the help of several of our suppliers who send technical experts to carry this out. Our salesmen/technicians involved with these particular products are then offered this training. We are continually appealing to more of our suppliers to come on board and be part of this exercise. This has proved to be very useful and will be an ongoing exercise.

Continuously Reviewing

Going forward, we will continually be looking at improving ourselves and our service offering to our customers. New product lines that we feel will be beneficial to the market will be made available in all of our stores, and likewise products that are not will be phased out. We are continually evolving to suit the market place around us. We greatly value all the input we get from you our customers and use this to the betterment of all.  So if you have anything you would like to share with us please feel free to comment below.

Keeping Zambia Moving

Finally, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you our customers for your continued support. This has got us to where we are today, and helps us continually improve in all of our endeavors. Please keep up the support and be part of the team that is “keeping Zambia moving”.

Glenn Findlay - Director