Engen, customer service and health and safety training provided to Autoworld staff

At Autoworld we recognise the value of regular training. We make an effort to constantly offer our employees the opportunity to improve and increase their knowledge through a variety of learning programmes. Here’s a couple of recent training events organised for Autoworld staff.

Drivers and support staff proudly display their certificates with Autoworld trainer Dr Davis Malembeka

Drivers and support staff proudly display their certificates with Autoworld trainer Dr Davis Malembeka

Engen Lubricants training session

On January 15, 2016 we received a team of experts from Engen Petroleum Zambia to train our salesmen in Engen lubricants. Participants first learned a little background to Engen the company.

With headquarters in South Africa, Engen is present in over 20 countries, and exports its products to over 30 more countries, mostly in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Petronas Lubricants International, is a major Engen shareholder and supplies Engen products to even more countries. Petronas also supplies Syntium products through Engen distributors. Syntium and Engen products are both made to the same high standard using the identical techniques that are tried and tested.

Our salesmen learned that Engen produces two types of lubricants:

  1. Mineral oils - made from ‘crude oil’ that occurs naturally
  2. Synthetic oils - man-made oils carefully engineered in laboratories using hydrocarbon as a raw material.

Synthetic oils are preferred by many engine manufacturers because of their improved fuel economy, wider operating limits and better wear protection.

The Engen trainers explained in depth about particular Engen products such as:

  • Agritrac Super Universal
  • Dieselube 700 Super
  • Xtreme 5W-40
  • Different multigrades

Participants were briefed on the importance of supplying customers with the right specification and quality of lubricant for their particular vehicle and usage. Oils are made to suit a particular engine or gearbox in terms of the year of make of the engine, type of fuel (petrol or diesel), and the required viscosity (depending on temperature). Quality lubricants will extend the life-span of the engine.

You can buy a full range of Engen lubricants at Autoworld branches throughout Zambia.

Training for drivers and support staff

Recently, Autoworld trainer Dr. Davis Malembeka also ran a training session. This was for Autoworld drivers and support staff covering the importance of having a positive professional attitude at all times. It covered important topics like customer service principles as well as health and safety at work. 

As usual, certificates of attendance were issued to all participants - something we all take great pride in.