Shock absorbers in Zambia — what every motorist should know

Heavy duty TJM shock absorbers in action

Heavy duty TJM shock absorbers in action

KYB, one of the world's largest manufacturers of shock absorbers, state the basic function of a shock absorber - to keep the vehicle's tyres in contact with the road.

Worn out shock absorbers may cause the following:

  • Reduced braking efficiency
  • Less control on cornering or in windy conditions
  • Increased risk of skidding in wet conditions
  • Quicker wear on tyres and other suspension components
  • Driver fatigue and reduced driver’s responses
  • Last but not least, uncomfortable ride

In summary, a shock absorber is designed to take or absorb all the unpleasant effects of a bumpy road. This allows the driver to have control over the vehicle, and ensures passengers have a comfortable ride.

The better the suspension of the vehicle = the better steering control and handling of the vehicle.

Tell tale signs of worn out shock absorbers:

  1. the 'bounce test' - the vehicle oscillates more than once after downward pressure is applied to the bonnet of the car
  2. load shift when cornering
  3. poorer handling on uneven road surfaces

How often should shock absorbers be checked?

Shock absorbers should be checked by a qualified mechanic annually or every 20,000km, ensuring the safety of the driver, their passengers and other motorists. If shocks do need replacing, it's very important to replace them in pairs, to give an even balance on both sides of the vehicle.

Suspension - the importance of good shock absorbers
Suspension - the importance of good shock absorbers

How Autoworld can help

In July we're offering motorists a 15% discount off all our shock absorber brands which include Kyb, Monroe and TJM. Our fitment centres are also available to inspect your shocks and general suspension to look for any wear and tear (for just ZMW100). Shock absorbers installation charges range from ZMW120 to ZMW175 depending on the model. If you buy your shocks from an Autoworld branch, the inspection charge is waived; so the only charge will be for the fitting of the shock absorbers.

Wishing all our customers a safe drive!

Autoworld team