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Auto repair and maintenance kits - Autoworld March offer

What better time to get stocked up? This month Autoworld has a 15% offer on repair kits from Holts, brake pads from Safeline and filters from brand leaders GUD.

Keep your vehicle in good shape. With a little help from Autoworld, your local parts specialists.

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A full range of NF fuel additives

Does your car need a boost? Enjoy enhanced performance with NF fuel additives from Autoworld. Choose from Outback Guard for Petrol, Outback Guard for Diesel, Ultra Race Fuel Concentrate, and Diesel Boost! Check the NF website for full information on each product line, general information about Octane boosters, and FAQs.

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First Autoworld offer for 2019!


Get the kids to school on time with a brand new car battery!

A car battery lasts 3 to 5 years. Yours may need replacing. And now’s the time. We’re currently offering a 15% discount off all Willard and Raylite batteries - for one week only.

Buy a new battery today from your nearest Autoworld branch - for a sharp start to the day.

All Engen lubricants discounted

We can’t stress enough the importance of using quality vehicle oils, making sure they are topped up and changed regularly.

To encourage Zambian motorists to keep their vehicles in good shape, Autoworld is offering a full 15% off all Engen lubricants. This discount is only available while stocks last, for one week only - from Thursday November 1st 2018. Don’t miss out!

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Truck and Bus Tyres offer - on all Triangle and Doublestar tyres

Calling all truckers and bus companies in Zambia. A massive 20% off all Triangle and Doublestar tyres while stocks last.

Three reasons why you should replace worn out tyres:

  • Tyre treads provide the traction necessary to grip wet or oily roads
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres cool, reducing the risk of blowouts
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres inflated. Low pressure tyres can’t grip the road as well, making it harder to steer the vehicle, harder to brake, and increasing fuel costs.

What better time than now to replace fleet vehicle tyres - with this amazing 20% discount offer from Autoworld!

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Autoworld January 2018 offer

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Our first offer of 2018 is on the full range of GUD filters. GUD, South Africa's premium automotive filter brand, is renowned for its commitment to quality, service and product innovation. In short 'GUD' = 'good'!

Take advantage of this generous 15% discount. Give your car a great start to the new year by changing the oil, air and fuel filters.

This offer is available at all participating Autoworld branches and Impala Service Station while stocks last - for just one week from Jan 4th to Jan 11th 2018.

Incredible 2017 Christmas special

As a Christmas gift to you, our esteemed customers, we're offering a 15% discount on all parts, tyres and batteries! Yes you read it right. A 15% discount on ALL parts, tyres and batteries.

And it's not for just a week. Because it's the season of goodwill, we're stretching this offer to a full two weeks - from Dec 7th to Dec 21st 2017.

Unbelievable but true :) Something to share with friends  ...


Battery terminals - what's the big deal?


Battery terminals are part of your car’s charging system. The power from the battery flows through the terminals on its way to the starter and alternator.

Any electrical system is as good as its weakest link. Without a smooth strong terminal contact connecting the battery to the charging cables, the car won’t start well, or maybe not at all. In addition poor performing terminals will prevent the battery from getting recharged by the running engine.

Signs that you may need new battery terminals include:

  • The car starts slowly or not at all
  • Green or white corrosion on the terminals
  • Terminal ends look damaged
  • The battery light is on

It’s easier and less expensive to replace the terminals and have the terminal posts cleaned than it is to buy a new battery. In addition, if terminals are not replaced on time, other serious problems may come up such as blown fuses and even possibly fire.

If terminals are not replaced on time, other serious problems may come up such as blown fuses and even possibly fire.

Once you get new terminals, do make sure they are cleaned regularly. This will extend battery life while preventing the inconvenience of getting stranded unexpectedly because of a dead car battery.

The big deal is that Autoworld currently has a fantastic offer on battery terminals - buy a new Raylite, Hifase or Willard battery and get a free set of brass battery terminals. This will not only ensure your car is safe, but also that your new battery has a good connection to give you better performance!

Happy motoring :) 

15% off GUD filters

The rains will be on us shortly. If your company has a fleet of vehicles, make sure engines are fully protected from potential contaminants - like water - by replacing the filters. Now is the time ... because this month there's a massive 15% off all GUD filters!! Offer runs from Thursday Nov 2nd to Wed Nov 8th.

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January monthly special — 15% off GUD filters

Throughout the year, on the first Thursday of each month we're offering our customers money saving deals with our Monthly Specials. Prices are valid for that whole week – ending on the following Wednesday.

This month take advantage of our Monthly Specials with 15% off our full range of GUD filters. This offer starts today, Thursday 5th January 2017 and prices will be valid until Wednesday 11th January 2017.

This offer is available at all participating Autoworld branches and Impala Service Station while stocks last. Call your nearest branch for further details - contact details are given here.  Be sure to check back next month for more Monthly Specials!

When choosing which filter to help keep your engine healthy, it’s important to choose wisely. At Autoworld our brand of choice is GUD. Find out why here

October monthly special — 15% off Raylite batteries

You have just seven days to get 15% off the full range of Raylite batteries (available while stocks last at all participating Autoworld branches and Impala Service Station).

Check your battery knowledge and find out more about Raylite batteries here. Buy yours from 6th to 12th October to qualify for a 15% discount :)

September monthly special - 15% off GUD filters

In Africa, filter maintenance is the single most important factor in ensuring trouble-free motoring
— Trevor Drawwater, Jaguar Land Rover Academy

Earlier in the year, Autoworld Zambia was awarded a 'Most Valued Distributor' certificate by GUD FIlters, the leading automotive filter brand in South Africa.

You have just seven days to get 15% off the full range of GUD filters - available while stocks last at all participating Autoworld branches and Impala Service Station.

Holts training workshop at Autoworld 12 July 2016

Holts training workshop at Autoworld with participants and David Phiri, the facilitator

Holts training workshop at Autoworld with participants and David Phiri, the facilitator

Autoworld recently organised some product training for its staff. On 12 July, Holts professional David Phiri ran a training session for our salesmen, fitment centre staff and warehouse staff. Established in 1919, Holts is a global leader in the manufacture of superior car care products, for improved performance, appearance, repair and maintenance.

The training at Autoworld consisted of discussions around the range of Holts products, which are designed to help with vehicle performance and maintenance:-

  • Holts release spray – for easy penetration and release of jammed, frozen or rusted nuts, bolts and other parts
  • Holts engine and part degreaser – a cleaner for metal and plastic which quickly removes oil, grease , tar and dirt and is suitable for parts, tools, gearboxes and machinery in general
  • Holts electrical contact cleaner – this removes dirt, dust, oil and grease and is suitable for circuit boards and components such as switches
  • Holts EGR and Carb cleaner – this will improve engine performance and is a ‘must buy’ (EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve)
  • Holts brake and parts cleaner – this really cleans brakes, calipers, drums, springs, clutches, wheel cylinders and plates, increasing performance efficiency
  • Holts high performance Moly grease – now shocks can be protected from corrosion and shock-loading. With a very low co-efficient of friction, this excellent product reduces wear and tear in shocks. Also suitable for CV joints, universal joints and wheel bearings (Moly stand for molybdenum disulphide)
  • Holts silicone spray – lubricates, protects and waterproofs rubber, nylon, plastic, metal and wood

Participants were advised to encourage customers not to go for cheap brands but choose the professionally-developed Holts products stocked by Autoworld.

Autoworld staff were grateful to management for organising this excellent training event in co-operation with Holts, to give them more knowledge to serve customers even better.

The Holts training workshop at Autoworld in session

The Holts training workshop at Autoworld in session