Autoworld Accounts Dept outing to Protea Safari Lodge, by Margaret Mali

Accounts Dept staff at Protea Safari Lodge

Accounts Dept staff at Protea Safari Lodge

Thanks to Autoworld management, Feb 13th 2016 was not the usual humdrum day for Autoworld’s Accounts Department. Everyone was anxious to wrap up early, looking forward to a relaxing afternoon at Protea Safari Lodge in Chisamba. We arrived just in time for lunch – a sumptuous meal that quickly had everyone in a good mood, laughing and chatting.  

Then the group took a stroll to see the lions. What a sight! We watched at very close range as the lions mauled a piece of meat. Then on to the game viewing trip. This was a splendid experience, getting back in touch with nature in the bush. Antelopes of all kinds were spotted - hartebeest, zebra, kudu, waterbuck, impala and sable.

As we crossed the road, the tour guide pointed out a large and rare monitor lizard crawling into the long savannah grass. Apparently this was a very poisonous type that people should be wary of.   

On returning to the lodge, the group sat in a circle and played a “brain teaser” game. The first person begins by clapping twice then mentioning a letter, for instance A to the person seated next to them. That person had to immediately say any word beginning with A. If he or she hesitated, then they dropped out of the game. The game progressed well with no drop outs at first: A for Apple, P for Paul, C for Cat and so on. But then it reached Q and the next person shouted “Cucumber”; followed by G and the next person blurted out “Jump”. Hilarious! By then we were in high spirits and laughed all the way home.