Lost Without My Garmin in Zambia


This month there's no stopping David Findlay as he shares with us how the Garmin products have helped him explore Zambia with his 4x4, on his bicycle, hunting with his dogs and next up on the list...in the sky!

For the 4x4 Junkie

As I explained in my last blog post about TJM products, the African bush is really a great passion of mine, be it fishing, hunting or trailing through the great Zambian wilderness in a 4x4. The one piece of equipment that I never leave home without is my Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System). We introduced the Garmin range of GPS units into the Autoworld stores a few years ago and when I first had the opportunity to try one out I was so impressed with what it had to offer me. With a wide range of maps available for Africa my Garmin GPS enables me to drive into any country or town and know exactly where to find the next filling station, shopping centre or restaurant, which comes in really handy with a car full of 3 kids!

Some of the GPS units are multifunctional and can be used as a camera, video game unit to name just a few of the features. There is a new model recently launched by Garmin called the Nuvi 2595. This little unit is specifically designed as a driving GPS and is my favourite. It has a touch screen and for those of us who are lazy to reach over to the screen you can voice activate it so that the unit will understand your voice commands. If you are not keen on reading maps it has a function that will give voice prompted turn by turn directions with spoken street names so you can just focus on driving without looking at the screen. It even advises on the correct lane to drive in when approaching unfamiliar intersections and shows you pictures of the junction in advance so you know what you will be approaching. The unit can also be paired with a mobile phone to act as a hands free set in the car. Gone are the days of a police officer catching you red handed with a phone against one of your ears! There’s literally a suitable GPS for every need and I can't recommend them enough.

For the Fitness Junkie

Before I discovered the fun of off-roading and quad biking, I was a keen cyclist and loved using the Garmin fitness watch with the cycling cadence tool to help record my performance.  Garmin provide a full range of watches for the fitness junkies so for example while running it will help record how many steps you take on your run, how high your heart rate is, the distance you have run and the calories you have burned. All this information can be stored automatically enabling you to be your own gym instructor monitoring your progress by month or by year and even send the information to your computer for safe keeping. Some of the watches are fully water proof and can be also used while you swim. The only button I cannot find on the Garmin fitness watch is the button to help me lose weight quicker!

For the Dog Lovers

If you frequently take long walks with your dogs something that might interest you is the Garmin Dog Collars. Simply fit the collar to the dog and you wear the hand set unit that comes supplied with the collar.  This will immediately keep you informed about where your dog has gone.  I use the Garmin Dog Collars on my dogs when I go hunting and I find them invaluable! If your dog wanders away in the bush you can track it down from up to 30-40km away.

So as you can see there's not a single area of your life where Garmin isn't welcome - in your car, on your boat, in the air, in the great outdoors or training in the gym.  If you're curious to see how Garmin can transform your life visit the Garmin web page for more information and make an enquiry via our website and we will gladly help you find the right Garmin product for you! Next on my wish list is the Garmin device for aviation when I learn how to fly!