Meet the Warehouse team

warehouseteam1 Today we would like to introduce you to our warehouse team who are responsible for supplying the goods to all of our branches.  They don't often get seen or given the chance to be recognised for the incredible work that they do to literally keep Autoworld moving.

One Saturday last month, the management surprised the warehouse team with an outing to a secret location which is a game farm called Parays. The day started out with a braii, followed by a game drive and for dessert they went to see the white lions.


For most of the team, this was their first time seeing a lion.  When Mavious, Joshua, Masuzyo and Paul saw the lions, they ran back into the bus.  The joke was on Paul, with how fast he ran back to the bus.  He's now been given the nickname of Paul the Lion Man!

by Marc Dring, Warehouse Manager