Optimise Your Mercury Experience

Last month you heard from our Purchasing Manager, David Findlay, and this month we’d like to introduce you to our marine expert, Craig Eastcroft. Craig is the resident marine expert at Autoworld Downtown and knows everything there is to know about our wide range of boats and engines.  He’ll be sharing some of his expertise and experience in the Marine news category which we are launching today.  On that note, we hand you over to Craig… Autoworld web images - second batch-12

Today I'd like to introduce you to two very important aspects of owning an outboard engine - maintenance and warranty.

Maintenance To get the most out of your Mercury outboard, it is important that your motor receives the periodic checks listed in the Inspection & Maintenance Schedule. This will help extend the life of your motor and give you many hours of trouble free boating. The service interval is every 100 hours or once yearly, whichever occurs first.  So if you're fortunate to clock up many hours on the water you'll need to bring your boat in more frequently - keep your eye on the clock. At Autoworld we only use Quicksilver oils which have been specifically formulated for use in marine engines, ensuring the highest level of protection. Your motor is going to run smoother, cleaner and virtually trouble-free with Quicksilver oil.

In addition to supplying our customers Genuine Parts & Quicksilver Oils at service time, we also provide skilled technicians to carry out the works. Gary & Dustin visit the Mercury training facility annually and are certified at the highest level, so you can be assured your motor is in the best possible hands! We even have a mobile technician for some of our lodge customers who travels to our clients to carry out servicing. Autoworld website images low res-28 Warranty A 5 year warranty is available on all our Mercury engines subject to adhering to the specified service intervals so it's really important to keep your eye on the clock and book your service in time. Mercury is offering its recreational customers the possibility to extend the warranty on their outboard engines up to 5 years and this applies to FourStroke, Verado and Optimax. Conditions apply so please contact us for more details.

So in a nutshell, it's really quite simple - service your engine regularly and it will reward you with reliable performance...

Aside from maintenance and warranty of your engine, you may be interested to know that the government has taken off the 15% duty on engines so you can now purchase an engine from Autoworld duty free.  Added to that, 25% has been knocked off boat duty so if you're thinking of entering the world of boating that's a massive saving!