Shield in-house training

Inhouse training Shield.jpg

Shield South Africa offers a wide range of accessories for both internal and external use - from cleaning products to treatment of engines. On 8th October 2019 a team from Shield came to Autoworld’s Head Office in Lusaka to give some tips and training to about 27 salesmen and workshop staff, including purchasing personnel.

The training covered how different products are used. And the Shield team explained why vehicle owners should not use washing detergents for washing their cars but Shield car shampoos instead. Other detergents tend to remove the top protective layer of paint and that’s why we see cars with oxidation (colour fading).

Another important point related to the use of microfiber cloths as opposed to mutton cloth. Microfiber cloths should be used on and in the car, whereas mutton cloth should only be used for the engine, as mutton cloth can scratch the car paint. This is a vey cardinal point for all motorists to take note.

A few new products were also introduced, including the headlight restoration kit.

But the main focus of the training was sales, and what to recommend to a customer by suggestive selling. Tips were given on how to capture impulse buyers by displaying products where they will be noticed - on the counter tops or just behind the salesmen, in line of sight of the customer.