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Getting the Right Tyre Pressure

Today we're hearing from one of our Managing Directors, Pierre Findlay, on the importance of ensuring your tyres have the right pressure as well as a quick and simple way of achieving this.

If you're pretty tyre savy you will most probably be able to look at your tyres and gauge using just your eyes whether your tyre pressure is right.  For most of us though, it's a really good idea to use a tyre pressure gauge to check your pressure (preferably when the tyres are cold) to see whether a trip to your nearest garage is necessary.  At all of our Autoworld branches we stock a wide range of inexpensive tyre pressure gauges.  These little gadgets can be stored in your car tool box or in the glove compartment.  They are incredibly easy to use and vitally important for ensuring you get the best performance and safety out of your tyres.

All tyre brands come with a recommended tyre PSI and you will find this information written on the actual tyre itself or within your vehicle's manual.  Running a tyre either below or above it's recommended tyre pressure can be both dangerous and inefficient leading to problems such as:

  • a reduction in the life span of the tyre

  • a reduction in the fuel economy of the vehicle

  • unnecessary blow outs

  • a reduction in the alignment of the tyre

At Autoworld we would recommend that you check your tyre pressure (including the spare tyre) at least once a month and having one of these tyre pressure gauges makes that task really simple.  If you're not up for doing the checking yourself you can always pop into one of our Autoworld Fitment Centres.  One of our technicians will be happy to check your tyre pressure and if necessary, fill it with air at no expense.

We like to keep Zambia moving and we want to keep it moving safely by encouraging you to take responsibility.