Tracks 4 Africa GPS cards in stock — easily explore Zambia and Africa by road

We stock Tracks 4 Africa SD cards which are used in GPS units and cover most of the Zambian routes. These are a great help when using a GPS with the card inserted.

These maps provide detailed road coverage, points of interest, detailed protected areas like national parks, accommodation, places to eat and drink and fuel stops in Zambia and many other African countries.

Tracks 4 Africa have new releases every 6 months and we will have stock of the new release. These are sold at the Downtown and Woodlands branch. This is a great tool for those interested in GPS travel in the Zambian bush.

T4A GPS Maps 16.10 comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter, ready for plug and navigate. This SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin units and has been tested with latest Nuvi models as well. This product is not compatible to iGO in car navigation systems, Android or iOS devices. Tracks 4 Africa have separate products for these platforms. Find out more at Tracks 4 Africa.