An answer to power cuts – ECOGEN generators with back up spares

Load shedding has reached unprecedented levels over the last few months. In response, Autoworld offers the ECOGEN generator.

Remember that with constant use, your generator will certainly need regular servicing. Autoworld ensures it always has a full range of ECOGEN back up parts in stock. These include all service filters and electrical components that may be required to keep your generator in good working order.

To decide on which generator to buy, you’ll need to estimate your power output needs by checking electrical appliances. Since this information is key to purchasing the right generator, it is advisable to have an electrician help you with this. If you need help, visit one of our showrooms. We’ll talk you through everything and refer you to an electrician who can help with these services for a minimal charge.

Always choose a generator that has a slightly higher output than your requirements. This will allow your generator to operate at a cooler temperature and never at maximum capacity. Overworking your generator will reduce its lifespan because of overheating. In a few cases regulators and electrical components can burn out.

If you visit our showrooms you’ll be able to view several ECOGEN generators and talk to our expert team for further guidance.

We are offering a massive 15% discount on all ECOGEN generators and ABAC compressors from Oct 1st to Oct 7th. Visit one of our showrooms before Wednesday Oct 7th to take advantage of this amazing discount!

Also just received in stock is a full range of solar batteries and inverters. Visit our Freedomway branch and Downtown branch for more details.