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Autoworld June 2019 offer - 8 days only

Starting today, 15% discount on all Willard, Raylite and Hi-fase batteries!

Is the cooler weather challenging your battery? Did you know that batteries run a maximum of 3 to 5 years, even with proper care.

One simple way to test if your car battery needs replacing is to start the car at night and switch on the headlights. With the vehicle out of gear, press the accelerator. If the headlights get brighter as you do so, then that's a sure sign your battery is on its way out.

Now’s a perfect time to get a new battery, with this generous offer from Autoworld. Available at all participating branches and Impala Service Station while stocks last.

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Autoworld in-house training conducted by Wynn Products from South Africa

Wyns training 2.jpg

With the motto “Keeping Zambia moving”, Autoworld puts a lot of effort into stocking up-to-date spares and accessories for all its customer vehicle needs. Coupled with that, the company gives high priority to training its employees, ensuring they are fully equipped to help customers.

In early May 2019, representatives from Wynn Products in South Africa held two day-long training sessions for salesmen and warehouse staff. Altogether 24 staff members attended. Material covered included the different Wynn products, the different characteristics of each product and which one is suitable for different needs.

As well as Wynn's automotive interior sprays, Autoworld stocks a range of oil treatment products such as Engine Additive, Power Steering & ATF Conditioner, and Diff & Gearbox 'Stop Leak'.

Wyns training 3.jpg

As you will see from the smiling faces, the training was a huge success, with the team eager to put into practice what they’ve learned.

Wyns training 1.jpg

With spare parts, it's all about the brand

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time and money getting your car serviced, only to be let down by the quality of the parts you’ve put in. It often comes down to the brand. A good brand can make all the difference between a well-functioning enduring part and a poor performing component that quickly packs up altogether. And this principle also applies to treatment products such as fuel additives and leak sealants.

Why not spend your precious time and money efficiently and effectively with high performing inputs? Autoworld is constantly searching out quality brands. And the goal is to help your vehicle perform at its very best.

Brands we're proud to have recently promoted include Hella lighting products, NF fuel additives, Turtlewax interior polishes and the Shield range of car care and maintenance products.

We also recommend and stock Wynn's oil treatment products and Redman solid brass battery terminals.

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Autoworld specials on KYB and Monroe shocks


Potholes and gravel roads significantly reduce the life of vehicle suspension components, especially shocks, though driving cautiously over bad roads will help. See our previous article on shocks.

Worn out shocks not only adversely effect passenger comfort but also driver control and wear and tear on other components.

Now is definitely the time to sort out your shocks, because this month we have a package of offers on shock absorbers!

1) A big 20% discount off all KYB and Monroe shock absorbers.

2) If you buy a set of 4 shocks, a further 20% discount applies to the fitting charge.

The only catch is that this offer expires 8th May! Make sure you don’t miss out :)

Autoworld and International Women's Day 2019

The Autoworld Zambia marchers with their banner

The Autoworld Zambia marchers with their banner

8th March 2019 was International Women’s Day, and Autoworld participated in the March Past. Team Autoworld were looking sharp in smart co-ordinated chitenge outfits.

Vice President Inonge Wina, Zambia’s first woman Vice President, was the honoured guest. She encouraged the women of Zambia to be vibrant and innovative as the country is now being moved by women in many leadership roles and other walks of life.

The theme for International Women’s Day in Zambia was “Think equal. Build smart. Innovate for change”.

Vice President Inonge Wina being welcomed by 1st Deputy speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala at the freedom statue, while Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo looks on. Photo courtesy Lusaka Times

Vice President Inonge Wina being welcomed by 1st Deputy speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala at the freedom statue, while Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo looks on. Photo courtesy Lusaka Times

Team Autoworld join the march in honour of International Women’s Day 2019

Team Autoworld join the march in honour of International Women’s Day 2019

Autoworld partners with ISL Colour Race for Cancer 2019

The 2019 ISL ‘Super Heroes’ Colour Race for Cancer will take place on May 1st 2019. This 5km fun run / walk starts and finishes at the sports field at ISL (International School of Lusaka). More avid runners can do the loop twice; and there is a shorter 2.5 km loop for younger children. Come and run or walk, bring the children and make it a family day! There will be live entertainment, food and drinks and activities for the children. This race is organised by ISL in conjunction with the Sam Damalis Trust Fund.

How do we register?
To register, click here and complete the details. It costs just ZMW150 per person.

Tell me about the ‘Colour’ theme? And the ‘Super Heroes’ theme?
Everyone is free to interpret these themes in their own way - whatever they’re comfortable with, however they want to express themselves - through costume, wig, face paint, body paint … the choice is yours.

What is Autoworld’s role?
This year (2019) Autoworld is partnering with the organisers of the race through sponsorship.

What happens to the funds raised?
All funds raised are dedicated to helping children battling cancer in Zambia. The organisers work closely with the Paediatric Cancer Ward at UTH.

Over the last 8 years, this initiative has raised funds towards medication, specialised diagnostic tests, supplemented nursing staff salaries, equipment for kitchen for carers to use, monthly supply of chlorine, creating a play area for the children, given additional assistance to Kayula Home, assistance to Twende Learning Centre and, from the beginning of 2018, a weekly supply of clean drinking water to the ward. Find more details here.

What happened last year?
International School of Lusaka has been running the Colour Run for the last 5 years. Last year the Sam Damalis Trust Fund joined forces and together they hosted the very first Colour Run for Cancer in June 2018.

Attended by 650 runners, including many children, the 2018 event raised ZMW 85 000. After consultation with the doctors from the UTH paediatric cancer ward, the money was spent on some refurbishments to ensure privacy for the patients in the high care ward, an industrial floor cleaner, air conditioning for the classroom in the ward and a contribution towards the teacher’s salary. Each week they provide 16 x 20 litre bottles of water to the ward and each month a 50kg drum of chlorine.

For more photos, see the ISL Colour Race for Cancer Facebook page.


Auto repair and maintenance kits - Autoworld March offer

What better time to get stocked up? This month Autoworld has a 15% offer on repair kits from Holts, brake pads from Safeline and filters from brand leaders GUD.

Keep your vehicle in good shape. With a little help from Autoworld, your local parts specialists.

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A full range of NF fuel additives

Does your car need a boost? Enjoy enhanced performance with NF fuel additives from Autoworld. Choose from Outback Guard for Petrol, Outback Guard for Diesel, Ultra Race Fuel Concentrate, and Diesel Boost! Check the NF website for full information on each product line, general information about Octane boosters, and FAQs.

2019 -Brand Awareness_Social_Media.jpg

First Autoworld offer for 2019!


Get the kids to school on time with a brand new car battery!

A car battery lasts 3 to 5 years. Yours may need replacing. And now’s the time. We’re currently offering a 15% discount off all Willard and Raylite batteries - for one week only.

Buy a new battery today from your nearest Autoworld branch - for a sharp start to the day.

A Christmas Eve to remember - by Annie Zulu

From left to right: Margaret Mali, Mark, Emmanuel, Joseph Mulenga. Andrew Malembeka, Moses and Annie Zulu

From left to right: Margaret Mali, Mark, Emmanuel, Joseph Mulenga. Andrew Malembeka, Moses and Annie Zulu

Joseph Mulenga has been a security guard at Autoworld for the last 10 years. He retired last month and was presented with parting gifts from Autoworld staff members. Everyone knows him as “Zemule”.

For many years Mr Mulenga has been part of Autoworld life, watching over the vehicles and outside premises, and helping around the fitment center with various jobs. He has always been helpful to members of staff; and on his retirement, some of the Autoworld team had the idea of buying him a Christmas present to say thank you. This was all in the spirit of giving around this festive season. The gifts were presented on Dec 24 2018, Christmas Eve. Joseph is a man of few words but we were happy to put a smile on his face. He did not expect this and it was a wonderful surprise for him. His present included a monetary gift and a Christmas hamper of assorted items.

Joseph Mulenga is a family man with five children and four grandchildren. He managed to build a house before he retired. We all wished him well at the presentation and urged him to continue to support his family.

Autoworld and the 2018 Labour Day celebrations

Labour Day 1.jpg

1st May is Labour Day, which is renowned internationally. In Zambia our theme for this year was ‘Building Partnerships for Sustainable National Development Through Job Creation and Social Justice’. With jobs having become so scarce, especially for the youth, this theme was very timely.
The Guest of honour was H.E. President Edgar Lungu who took the salute from the enthusiastic marching workers.

Autoworld had two employees awarded prizes - Ms Ruth Sakala , from Head Office, for honesty;  and Mr Isilimwe Mulambwa of Ndola branch, also for honesty. In addition, Autoworld won a trophy for coming second in the Float Category for the display on the Autoworld speed boat. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Labour Day 2.jpg

Truck and Bus Tyres offer - on all Triangle and Doublestar tyres

Calling all truckers and bus companies in Zambia. A massive 20% off all Triangle and Doublestar tyres while stocks last.

Three reasons why you should replace worn out tyres:

  • Tyre treads provide the traction necessary to grip wet or oily roads
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres cool, reducing the risk of blowouts
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres inflated. Low pressure tyres can’t grip the road as well, making it harder to steer the vehicle, harder to brake, and increasing fuel costs.

What better time than now to replace fleet vehicle tyres - with this amazing 20% discount offer from Autoworld!

2018 - May - Monthly_Special.jpg

Tyre offer - on all Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli tyres

Calling all motorists in Zambia. A study was carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US. They found that over 26% of the crashes studied involved vehicles with insufficient tread i.e. with worn out tyres*. 

Here are more reasons why you should replace worn out tyres:

  • Tyre treads provide the traction necessary to grip wet or oily roads
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres cool, This helps to prevent blowouts, when you can loose control of the car, especially if you're speeding
  • Tyre treads help keep your tyres at the right pressure. Under-inflated tyres can’t grip the road properly even in dry conditions, making it harder to steer your vehicle and harder to brake,  and reducing fuel mileage (increasing your fuel costs).

What better time than now to replace your tyres - with an amazing 15% discount offer from Autoworld!

*Tire-Related Factors in the Pre-Crash Phase


15% off Ecogen and Yamabisi generators


Great reductions on generators this March! 15% discount on all Ecogen and Yamabisi models.

A good time to replace your old back-up generator or improve your out-of-town experience.

And this month's offer is for two whole weeks - 5th March through 19th March 2018!

Available at all participating Autoworld branches and impala Service Station while stocks last.

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Autoworld’s wheel balancing and aligning news

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer

The John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer


Announcing an exclusive automated wheel balancing service! Autoworld is now the proud owner of a John Bean B800P Wheel Balancer at its Impala Service Station.


Autoworld’s new John Bean B800P wheel balancer at Impala Service Station offers automatic data entry and rim profiling.

This sophisticated device is ideal for balancing the wheels of sports cars and any other vehicle that require precision balancing. 

More information on the B800P Wheel Balancer:-

Faster training, quicker tyre changes
The B800P speeds up the training of new technicians and reduces the time it takes to change a tyre and balance the wheels. The touchscreen interface makes it easy for technicians to check the results. And when the operator touches the imbalance amount, the wheel automatically turns to the correct position for weight placement!

Touchscreen User Interface
This convenient device has commonly used modes such as spoke detection, match mount and manual mode. Measurement results and weight position indicators are clearly visible.

Automatic Balancer Measurement
It takes about 8 seconds for the B800P to identify the optimal location of any imbalance and identify the best location for the clip-on weight.

Patented Automatic Power Clamp
The wheel is electro-mechanically clamped for increased accuracy.

A laser beam pinpoints the positioning of weights in the lower rim position (the B800P's exclusive easyWEIGHT facility).

Other wheel and tyre news from Autoworld:

  • John Bean B340P wheel balancers are now installed in all other Autoworld branches in Lusaka.

  • For wheel alignment, Autoworld uses a 3D car wheel aligner that also comes from market leaders John Bean. This is the Visualiner 3D Lite Lift.

  • Whenever you buy tyres from any Autworld outlet, you’ll get free fitting and a free wheel balancing service (on a John Bean B340P wheel balancer).

  • Nitrogen air is available for pumping into your tyres (at Impala Service Station only). By inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen, they will remain at their proper operating pressure much longer.

  • For auto repair shops, Autoworld sells John Bean B100 model wheel balancers, as well as John Bean Visualiner 3D Lite Lift wheel aligners.