Autoworld Stars and Tuff Stuff FC clash on the football pitch!

The intrepid Autoworld Stars football team

The intrepid Autoworld Stars football team

At the invitation of Bimbe Trading Company, on Saturday 1st August 2015 Autoworld Stars Football Club (otherwise known as the Keep Zambia Moving team) met Bimbe’s ‘Tuff Stuff’ Football Club in a friendly match. The 60 minute match kicked off at 15.30 hours.

Bimbe’s Tuff Stuff Team had clearly been training hard for the match, and their ball possession was excellent. But, sensing danger, the Autoworld Stars rapidly built up momentum. Team work, one of the core values of the company, paid off on the pitch!

Spectators were amazed at the beautiful display of passes from defence, through the mid field and then going forward.In the 18th minute the Tuff Stuff team was shocked to see a well-coordinated pass reach Misheck Zulu who angled the ball confidently towards the goal. The brilliant Bimbe goalie caught the ball but could not stop the goal as he was driven back into the net. It was Autoworld 1 : Bimbe 0! What jubilation from soccer fans and school officials and as if that was not enough, the 26th minute saw another goal by Autoworld from a penalty free kick.

A few seconds before half time, Team Autoworld interchanged passes and much to the amusement of the spectators they confused the Bimbe defenders and scored the third goal. The ball went straight into the bottom corner of the net, with Bimbe’s goal keeper momentarily caught 'napping'.

The second half was not easy for Team Autoworld. Team Bimbe put up a brilliant performance but it seemed they lacked strikers who could beat Autoworld’s able defence. And Team Autoworld’s goalie Njekwa did the job, sealing the goal from the Bimbe team.

And so it ended... Autoworld Stars 3 : Tuff Stuff FC 0. What a vibrant and well-coordinated game, with every player contributing significantly. Many congratulations to Captain Victor and the Autoworld team!!