Quality filters give great engine protection and save money

The purpose of a vehicle's filters is to keep out harmful contaminants from the engine.

Contaminants are carried by the air, oil and fuel supplies. Contaminants can be in the form of dust, sand, soot, water or engine-wearing metals. If these contaminants are NOT filtered out, rapid engine wear will occur, or worse, complete engine failure.

It can cost hundreds of thousands of Kwacha to recover from engine failure.

A sub-standard filter will most certainly result in premature wear. On the face of it and to the untrained eye, sub-standard filters may look fine from the outside. This is where the unsuspecting are led astray. In reality, filtration performance far outweighs physical appearance. 

Sub-standard filters will not adequately protect your engine, which may well result in unnecessary expenditure which could be substantial.

You are strongly advised to fit the best quality filter to your vehicle. Just follow these simple rules:

  1. Always buy a reputable and trusted brand, such as a GUD filter. 
  2. Always look for a comprehensive product warranty, as offered by GUD Filters. Other warranties may only replace the filter without covering the damage done to the vehicle’s engine. 
  3. Always ensure that the brand you fit to your vehicle meets or exceeds the original equipment specification (as GUD filters do).

Why choose a GUD filter?

  • GUD filters give great engine protection
  • GUD filters are made with superior quality materials and to the specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • GUD filters offer a comprehensive warranty
  • GUD filters have an extensive product range and expert technical support
  • GUD filters are a reputable and trusted brand with a 65 year track record
We stock the full range of GUD filters and you can get 15% off from the 3rd to the 9th of September 2015.

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