Autoworld’s continuing support of Linda Compound Hospice in Zambia

Children in Linda Compound, Lusaka

Children in Linda Compound, Lusaka

For some time Autoworld has been donating medicines needed for the hospice in Linda Compound. 

Here is the background and context of this initiative. For the last decade Cossie and Noble Findlay (Chairman of Autoworld) have been involved in helping VisionAfrica, now VisionZambia, fulfill their promise to the community of Linda Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. When Psychology of Vision started visiting Zambia in the late 1990's Cossie was asked to find a worthwhile project for VisionAfrica.

From that request was born this project to bring clean water to the 35,000 inhabitants of Linda Compound. This resulted in a profound drop in deaths from diseases born from dirty water.

And so the fund VisionAfrica was born and grown into a charity called VisionZambia. Over the years this charity has been helping the community by:

  • Providing clean water and infrastructure
  • Supporting the hospice in Linda Compound with access to drugs and palliative care
  • Feeding the children
  • Providing education
  • Working with the people to on appropriate income generating projects 
  • In 2013 the Friends Helping Friends Community Centre opened.
Cossie Findlay, Autoworld Co-founder

Cossie Findlay, Autoworld Co-founder

Cossie Findlay is still a committed trustee of the Mother of Mercy Hospice Trust and a trustee of VisionZambia.

Together with support from Autoworld Limited, we have accomplished what we believed to be impossible.
— Cossie Findlay, Autoworld Co-founder

And so the journey continues ...