Bosch Training Workshop hosted by Autoworld

Background to the Bosch Training Workshop

Bosch was established in 1902 and is one of the leading global companies in the field of automotive technology. The company has identified that the complexity of their high tech products and the diverse uses of their latest testing devices require their clients to build up an in-depth knowledge of Bosch auto spares and testing equipment. Therefore Bosch has developed a range of training programs to optimise the support companies like Autoworld are able to give to their customers.


The Bosch Training Workshop itself

On 28th May 2015, Autoworld organised a product-specific training session with Bosch South Africa at the Autoworld Head Office in Lusaka. The session was attended by the Autoworld sales staff. The Bosch trainers travelled from South Africa to give the training which focused on gasoline systems and spark plugs – both essential for vehicle reliability and fuel economy. Some of the advantages of using quality spark plugs and electric fuel pumps were identified as:

  • Better fuel consumption in general, helping to save money
  • Increased driving comfort through reduced engine noise
  • Bosch spark plugs have a longer service life
  • Bosch spark plugs prevents arcing (which causes misfiring)
  • Bosch electric fuel pumps lead to longer engine life due to their filter surface being as large as possible

This was another successful training event for Autoworld staff. For further details concerning the Bosch range of products, visit any Autoworld store countrywide. After this excellent training session, our sales team will certainly be ready to give you all the information you require!