December monthly special — 15% off all tyres and wipers

Wiper blades and the rainy season

December has brought in the long-awaited rains. That makes it time to change your wipers! Use our wiper blades and visibility tips and get 15% right now. Read the wiper blades article.

Tyres and the rainy season

Watch out for oil slicks on wet roads. Drive slowly in wet weather. To avoid skidding make sure your tyres have a good tread on them.

To help you keep safe, we’re offering 15% off all our stock of tyres and wipers for the next 14 days! So visit your nearest Autoworld branch from today, the 3rd of December to benefit. And because it’s Christmas, the 15% off deal is valid for two whole weeks, until Wednesday 16th December 2015.

Monthly Specials are available at all participating Autoworld branches as well as Impala Service Station while stocks last.

Plus get free wheel balancing when you buy tyres from us!

The giveaways don't stop! As well as 15% off tyres our team is also ready to give you free wheel balancing. Stay safe this rainy season with our tyre and wiper blades offer.