What a year for Autoworld!

As well as supporting the Linda Compound Hospice with its monthly medicines throughout the year, in 2015 Autoworld has sponsored several events and organised a bunch of competitions for its staff.

January saw the first Autoworld warehouse outing at Parays Game Farm just outside Lusaka. February was a quiet month, making way for a hectic March, with a sales staff competition, Pirelli Tyres sales training, International Women's Day participation and sponsorship of the Marine Safety Dialogue Workshop at Sandy’s Creations. In April, the Hardest Working Warehouse Storeman was identified and duly rewarded, as well as the Best Spanjaard Salesman.

Going into May, Autoworld celebrated Labour Day in style, along with many other companies. At this year’s ceremony, Autoworld's Timothy Samugule, who has been a tyre fitter at Autoworld for the last 17 years, and Charles Bowa, the longest serving member of staff at Autoworld's Downtown branch, each received a generator as a prize. May also saw the Bosch Training Workshop for Autoworld sales staff, focussing on gasoline systems and spark plugs. In June, the Mystery Shopper winner was Smart Nguni.

A few weeks later, the quietness of an August Sunday in Ndola was broken by the roaring of tuned-up rally cars. It was the start of the Gomes Nsobe Safari Rally!


Autoworld’s Ndola branch opened up its facilities for the scrutineering part of the Gomes Nsobe Safari Rally. And in Lusaka, the company kitted out the caddies for Lusaka Golf Club President’s Putter Golf Tournament. The warehouse team also went for another outing at Parays Game Farm.

The Autoworld Stars Football Team was very active from September until the end of the year, but with mixed results. They only managed to win 2 out of more than 5 matches played. Wishing the hard-working team a lot more success in 2016.

And so we come to November and arguably the highlight of the year – Autoworld’s involvement in the amazing Elephant Charge


Autoworld was proud to support the 2015 K2 and Mwala Elephant Charge. This annual event is a lot of fun for both participants and spectators, whilst raising a significant amount of money for conservation. Autoworld was involved at two levels – as both participant and sponsor!

2015 was an incredibly active year for Autoworld. And there’s more in store for 2016. As the year unfolds, watch out for news items on the Autoworld website.

We would like to wish all our customers and supporters a very prosperous 2016!