Have an 'easy start' right through winter!

Autoworld mechanic and electrician Herman Mubbunu

Is your vehicle battery giving you an ‘easy start’ during these winter months?

We realise the importance of having a reliable vehicle that starts first time. If this is an issue on a cold morning, perhaps your battery needs some attention to keep it alive. It’s a real inconvenience to get in your vehicle in the early morning rush, kids in the car and time ticking for you to get to work on time, and all you hear is a horrible “click”! That noise indicates the battery voltage is too low to start the car. You’re definitely going to be late ….

This month we're giving our customers an ‘easy start’ to help ensure their cars start first time and just as soon as they turn on the ignition. We are offering the full range of Hi-FASE batteries at 15% discount from 9th July to 15th July 2015!

How do I know if my battery is in good order?

We have more good news for you. At our Freedom Way fitment centre we can test your charging system on your vehicle and your battery condition - while you wait. Our equipment will report the voltage that your alternator is giving out (which is most important in prolonging battery life).  The equipment will also test your battery’s condition and identify any cells that might be damaged. All this information can be presented on a print out. (We will have this equipment at all our other fitment centres in the near future.)

Our fitment centre can help with all your battery needs, ensuring your car always has an easy start

Visit our Freedom Way fitment centre for your charging system to be fully tested. If you know that your charging system is in good order but you would specifically like to check your old battery, we can also help you with a battery test!

  1. The charging system test costs just ZMW120.00
  2. The battery test costs just ZMW50.00
  3. Battery fitting is free of charge if the battery has been purchased at any Autoworld branch

At the same time our staff will check your battery terminals and battery water levels (distilled water levels) ensuring your battery remains in good condition.If anything needs replacing:-

  • A good set of battery terminals (made of brass) costs just ZMW30
  • We also have single battery terminals (negative and positive) costingZMW15 each
  • Lastly we have battery water (distilled water) in two sizes - 750ml and 2.5l - costing ZMW6 and ZMW13 respectively

Note: All prices are inclusive of 16% VAT

A few helpful points to ensure you keep your battery in good working order:

  • Battery terminals - Make sure the battery terminals are clean and free from corrosion. It’s advisable to grease the battery terminals each time your vehicle has a routine service to avoid terminals from corroding. All Autoworld branches stock best quality brass terminals.
  • Battery water (distilled water) - Check battery water level at least once a month. Ensuring that all the cells are full of battery water will avoid the danger of battery cells boiling, which permanently damages the battery. The battery cells should not be over filled; the distilled water level should be just above the plates in each battery cell. Our fitment centres can help with this.
  • Treacle battery charger (smart charger) - Never store batteries for long periods of time without charging them up regularly. This shortens the life span of a battery significantly, even if it is brand new.

More about the Treacle smart charger

If you have a recreational vehicle, boat or motor cycle that is not used on a regular basis, it is advisable to connect its battery to a treacle smart charger. This is a battery charger that is permanently connected to a 220v power supply as well as the negative and positive terminals of the vehicle's battery while it is stored away. The charge of the battery is permanently kept above 12v. As soon as the battery drops below 12v then the charger automatically begins to charge the battery. Once the battery has reached 12v the charger will immediately turn off. This charger can be left connected for very long periods of time and will protect your battery from permanent damage. Smart chargers are available from our Autoworld Downtown Marine shop branch for just ZMW650. 

We trust this information has been useful to you. Visit out fitment centres and Autoworld stores for your Hi-FASE battery. Check out our incredible July 2015 Hi-FASE battery offer.

Wishing all our customers an ‘easy start’ experience right through the winter!

From the Autoworld team