Ride Control with Monroe Shock Absorbers

Tenneco Monroe Shocks OE approval.jpg

Ride control describes how a car 'rolls down the highway'. Many things affect vehicles in motion - weight, weight distribution, speed, road conditions, wind, to name a few. Ensuring shocks and struts are working properly (and replaced if necessary), will help maintain good ride control by minimising bounce and vibration. Well-functioning shocks and struts stabilise the steering and reduce wear on suspension components and tyres. This also makes for a more comfortable ride.

The good news is that Tenneco, who manufactures Monroe shock absorbers, are approved Original Equipment (OE) suppliers for a huge number of global vehicle manufacturers. View the full list below.

This means you can confidently buy Monroe Shocks from Autoworld, knowing that these shocks will greatly enhance your comfort and safety, as well as the durability of various components in your vehicle.