Training on Caltex lubricants

To help give customers the best service possible, the Autoworld sales team were recently briefed on lubricants. This took place at the Caltex Lubricant Products training session held in the Autoworld Head Office Boardroom on 7th June 2016. The workshop was run by Mr Miti, the Managing Director of Universal Oil Marketing Company Ltd, which is the sole distributor of Caltex oils in Zambia.

Training covered the following:
•    The composition of lubricating oil
•    The functions of a lubricating oil
•    The different classes of lubricating oils
•    The jargon on the tin
•    The importance of recommending the correct oil to customers
The students learned that lubricating oil is composed of base oil + lubricating oil additive (LOA). To make grease, soap is added to this mix. They also learned that you can’t mix one brand of oil with another. It may compromise the life of the vehicle.

The Autoworld salesmen appreciated learning more about lubricants from Mr Miti. It has equipped them to advise customers even better and sell the right lubricants to them.